4 of the Worst Foods You Should Never Eat, According to Experts

There are some foods that are never, ever worth consuming due to the effects they have on your weight and overall health.

If your new weight loss plan includes Phentermine 37.5mg, learn which foods to avoid to help you shed pounds fast. 

White Pasta

While whole wheat pasta is a complex carbohydrate, its white counterpart is not. White pasta is processed, “dead” food containing added sugars. It will help you feel temporarily full while it’s spiking your blood sugar, only to cause hunger pangs some time later. 

“It’s better to choose whole grain because it contains more fiber, vitamins, minerals, and protein since the husk of the grain is left on,” says registered dietitian Isabel Smith, MS, RD, CDN.


The favorite snack food might feature a salt-tastic crunch that’s free of sugar and numerous preservatives, but it is still no friend to weight loss. Pretzels are basically empty calories that do not contribute to fullness and therefore do not help you slim down quickly. 

White Flour

As with whole wheat pasta, whole wheat flour helps you feel full and features a variety of vitamins and minerals. White or “bleached” flour is a refined product with zero nutritional value. It also causes your blood sugar to spike and crash, leaving you hungry even though you’ve already consumed many calories. 


The bakery product might feature flakey goodness, but won’t help your quick weight loss efforts. A buttered croissant from Starbucks features about 310 calories, over half of which are derived from fat. Eating the baked goods on a regular basis will subsequently hinder any weight loss plan. Whole grains are always the better choice, such as oatmeal. 

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