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Each year comes with various weight loss tips, including those that belong in the virtual junk pile. Others benefit just about any weight loss regimen to help people enjoy slimmer, trimmer versions of themselves. If you recently started taking Phentermine 37.5mg for fast weight loss, review some of the best weight loss tips of 2021. 

Enjoy Calorie-Free Drinks

Alcohol and soda are among the most calorie-heavy beverages out there. 

“Only consume drinks that have no calories in them,” says TJ Mentus, an ACE-certified personal trainer. “If you are consuming drinks with added sugars it is an easy way to unintentionally get into a surplus of calories. These calories will not satiate hunger like whole foods will so you will end up still having to eat real food. By cutting out these drinks you can easily save a couple of hundred calories a day if not more depending on what your current consumption looks—like which can translate to a half-pound of weight loss a week at least.”

Include Protein With Each Meal

Protein is an essential weight loss nutrient.

“One of the best things to help people manage their appetite is to spread their protein out fairly evenly over three meals,” says Jill Weisenberger, MS, RDN. “I recommend about 25 grams of protein at each meal because protein helps with satiety. And, equally important, it’s needed to stimulate muscle synthesis.”

Take More Steps

Increasing the number of steps you take every day makes losing weight easier, as well as more fun.

“Walking is a free, simple, and low-impact exercise that can bring along many benefits when engaged in daily,” says Christine VanDoren, CN, CPT. “Among these are increased longevity, weight loss, improved muscular endurance, and prevention of many ailments.”

Increase Your Veggie Intake

Vegetables are high in fiber and low in calories. They are also super-good for you.

“This is because different colored vegetables contain different micronutrients,” says Melody Sayers, MS, RDN, NASM-CPT. “For example, dark green leafy vegetables provide calcium, iron, and Vitamin K, whereas carrots and sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin A.”

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