4 More Weight Loss Habits to Adopt | Weight Loss Journey

Adopting the right weight loss habits is key to losing weight and keeping it off for good.

If you plan to start taking Phentermine 37.5mg soon and want to do everything possible to help the miracle weight loss pill work its magic, review more weight loss habits to practice. 

Eat More Protein

Studies indicate that individuals who consume “moderately high” levels of protein end up losing more weight than those who do not. Protein keeps you feeling satiated so you do not make poor food choices, and helps you build muscle, which replaces fat in the body. 

Watch Less Television

It can be easy to mindlessly “nosh” when you are watching your favorite shows and movies. Yet mindless eating is a weight loss no-no since you don’t realize how much you are actually consuming. Watching TV also typically means remaining sedentary, which also does nothing for weight loss efforts. By watching less television, you’ll lose more weight.

Limit the Libations

Alcohol hurts weight loss efforts in several ways. It is full of empty calories and causes the metabolism to slow while the liver works overtime to rid your body of the “toxin.” Libations also lower your inhibitions to make 2am donut runs possible, and cause many to consume greasy fare the next day when they feel hungover. Abstaining from alcohol as much as possible helps the weight fall off. 

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast remains “the most important meal of the day” in part because it prevents poor mid-morning food choices because you’re hungry. Rather than “starting your day” wrong every day, focus on breakfast foods loaded with protein and healthy fats. You’ll stay satiated well into lunchtime. 

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