4 More Vacation Issues That Cause Weight Gain - Drtohelp.com

Gearing up for your next big vacation? Read these tips first so you do not derail your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts:

Insufficient Hydration

It doesn’t matter what type of outdoor activity you are doing if it is out in the hot sun. You will become dehydrated extremely quickly if you do not have water with you, which is dangerous to your waistline and overall health. Dehydration is often confused with hunger, so the more water you drink, the less likely you will be to make poor food decisions.

No Gym Clothes

Forgetting to pack anything you can burn calories in is an easy excuse to remain inactive, whether eating out or lounging by the pool. Remember to bring at least a few pieces of workout gear with you, including comfortable and supportive sneakers to encourage vacation workouts. Go for a hike, a run on the beach, climb some rocks…anything that gets your metabolism up.

Bringing Work With You

If you are on vacation, why are you working?? Unless the trip is business-related, leave the laptop at home and focus on exploring your surroundings and trying new heart-pumping activities. Besides, if your work involves sitting at a desk all day long, you do not need to sit around on vacation. Get up and get moving–and forget about work. Now is the time to destress and get fit.

Too Many Sugary Cocktails

Overconsumption of alcohol is a common vacation problem, particularly if you indulge with sugary cocktails such as margaritas and pina coladas. Such drinks are among the worst for your waistline because they contain serious amounts of sugar both from the alcohol and the additives. Avoid these drinks entirely or limit yourself to one or two throughout your vacation.
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