4 More of the Worst Guilty Pleasure Foods | Weight Loss Program

While it is perfectly fine to enjoy “guilty pleasure” foods every now and then, some should be avoided as much as possible due to their detrimental effects on weight loss and overall health.

Review four more of the worst offenders to help refind your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts

French Fries

The classic restaurant and fast food side contains lots of belly fat-causing trans fat, as well as excessive sodium. And since most people add more salt to fries, they easily contribute to bloat and a wider waistline. Other fried foods, such as fried mac ‘n cheese balls and broccoli-cheddar bites are not much better. 

Taco Bowls

These “bowls” make it easy to eat a considerable amount of fat, calories, and sodium in one sitting. There’s meat, sour cream, a fried tortilla, cheese, sauces, and other toppings that mean consuming most of the day’s calories. Oversized versions are unsurprisingly even worse. 


Processed meat is one of the worst foods on the planet you can consume. Bacon is especially detrimental because it’s not only processed, it’s made from red meat that’s high in saturated fat. The breakfast favorite also features inflammatory compounds when it’s smoked, cooked at high temperatures, or dried. As if these issues were not bad enough, the nitrates and nitrites in bacon morph into carcinogenic nitrosamines when they’re exposed to serious heat. 

Store-Bought Muffins

Commercial muffins might provide convenient breakfast options when you’re on the go, but they are slowly eroding your weight loss efforts if you eat them every day. They can feature as much as 400 calories each, and one-third of your day’s daily fat intake. Muffins are also usually high in sugar, making them decidedly waistline-unfriendly. 

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