4 More Foods Hurting Your Weight Loss Efforts | Weight Loss Journey

Losing weight and keeping it off requires learning about what foods help your efforts, and what foods hinder them.

Review four more foods to keep out of your kitchen, as whole, nutrient-dense fare is what your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen needs for success. 


Granola provides a filling snack because it contains fiber; however, most commercial versions typically contain added sugars, sodium, and added fats such as nut butters and oils. High fructose corn syrup is the usual oil in granola bars and packets, which contributes to weight gain and poor overall health. Always read the nutrition labels before buying granola in the grocery store, and consider making your own to avoid the added sugar and fat factors. 


Store-bought smoothies usually come loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners, with some comparable to sodas and milkshakes. Even those you make at home can become sugar bombs depending on the ingredients you use. Additives like nut butters and milk can also be detrimental because of their fat content. As a result, it’s generally best to skip smoothies and focus on consuming more whole foods. 

Diet Soda

These beverages might have the word “diet” in front of them, but they can seriously harm your weight loss plans and your health in general. Studies show diet soda is particularly bad if you’re trying to lose belly fat: “Findings indicate that the increase in waist circumference among diet soda drinkers, per follow-up interval, was almost triple that among non-users.” 

Microwave Popcorn

Those microwavable bags of popcorn contain added salt and fat that does nothing for weight loss. Stick to versions you make at home to reap the snack’s benefits, as popcorn contains iron, fiber, phosphorus, and magnesium. 

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