4 More Flat Stomach Mistakes Women Make - Drtohelp.com

As diligent as you may be about taking Phentermine 37.5mg, working out, and eating right, you could still be making mistakes that interfere with your flat stomach plans. Review four more mistakes women often make on their quest for washboard abdominals.

Mistake #5: Using Silverware To Consume Chinese Food

Eating Chinese food or any other Asian fare with silverware instead of chopsticks makes it easy to eat more. Use chopsticks to slow your food consumption down so you feel fuller faster. If you can’t get the hang of using chopsticks, eat with your non-dominant hand while remembering to chew your food thoroughly.

Mistake #6: Partner Comparisons

When you and your husband or boyfriend make the decision to lose weight, the comparisons can start rolling in. Women have a naturally higher amount of body fat than men due to the childbearing factor, which makes comparisons pointless. Focus on you and the progress you’re making, and have fun working out and eating healthy fare with your partner.

Mistake #7: Socializing In Restaurants & Bars

While it’s natural to meet up with friends, family members, and co-workers at bars and restaurants, especially when you live in a major city with plenty of options to select from, you aren’t helping yourself if they are the only places you see your favorite people. Alcohol is full of empty calories, while restaurant food is notoriously high in sodium, sugar, and unhealthy fats. Look for other ways to enjoy time with loved ones, such as hosting game nights and exploring local hiking trails.

Mistake #8: Abstaining From Fruit

Yes, fruit contains sugar, but it’s natural sugar the body processes differently from refined versions. Fruit also contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals necessary to weight loss and overall health, making it important to add more color to your diet.
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