4 More Easy Ways to Burn More Calories - Drtohelp.com

Staying as physically active as possible is one of the keys to weight loss success with Phentermine 37.5mg. Review more simple ways to burn calories and subsequently reach your goal weight quickly. 

Work At A Standing Desk

Consider investing in a sit/stand desk if you haven’t already, or standing and working from a counter or tall desk. Doing so burns considerably more calories and helps prevent related health issues from excessive sitting, such as blood clotting and higher risks for heart attack, stroke, and heart attack. Another option is to sit on an exercise ball, which requires using your ab muscles and burns up to 100 calories a day. 

Bike to Work

Start riding a bike to work when the weather allows it. If your commute is long, think about using a bike rideshare program. You can take a bus, subway, or train to a bikeshare location and pedal the rest of the way, or vice versa. You’ll burn calories while also working your ab and leg muscles. 

Park Farther Away

Get in the habit of parking as far away from your job, store, restaurant, or friend’s house as you can and walking briskly to your location. The more steps you get in every day, the more calories you’ll burn and the easier time you will have losing weight. 

Take The Stairs

As with parking far away, make a habit of always taking the stairs when they are available and safe, i.e. not covered in ice and snow. Studies say taking two flights of stairs a day for a year can help a 150-pound individual lose six pounds. Taking stairs six times a day can mean losing 18 pounds in a year. 

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