4 Fun Ways to Lose Weight - Drtohelp.com

Losing weight doesn’t have to be painful or a chore. There are many fun ways to burn calories and slim down, and subsequently see the results you want quickly. Review some options here to assist your efforts with Phentermine pills.  

Hula Hoops

The classic, super-fun children’s toy burns up to 600 calories an hour, with lighter versions burning even more calories because they involve more rotation. Consider adding hula hooping to your daily workout routine, and see if you aren’t smiling by the time you’re finished. 

Trapeze Class

Perhaps you have always loved flying through the air on assorted amusement park rides, or enjoyed being suspended on a ski lift. If so, research trapeze classes in your area. Trapeze provides excellent upper body training, and regular work will tone your arms and abs in addition to helping you lose weight.


The classic “garden game” is one you can play anywhere as long as the weather is temperate. Run around, get some arm work in, and otherwise have a great time. Some people even do “extreme badminton,” a high-octane version of the game comparable to tennis.


If you cannot spend enough time outside, ask some friends to make time over the next few weekends for hiking. Find trails near you, which might include those in state and national parks, and enjoy some time in the mountains, if applicable. Once you get used to hiking flat trails, take the next step and try steeper terrain as long as it is safe. 

Family Game Days

Burn serious calories playing games with your loved ones. There are many options to consider, including basketball, touch football, handball, soccer, frisbee, batting cages, golf, and even old-fashioned tag. 

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