4 “Everyday Things” That Contribute to Obesity, According To Experts

Unfortunately, there are a variety of “everyday” habits that contribute to weight gain instead of loss. Review some of the most common habits to encourage healthy choices while taking Phentermine 37.5mg and after you’re finished with the miracle weight loss pill. 

Eating Foods That Don’t Satisfy

If you don’t feel satisfied after eating, the chances of overeating increase dramatically. 

“Foods like that do not tend to lead to satiety, so you tend to overeat, and the foods are not nutritious,” says JoAnn Manson, MD, Ph.D. “A high-quality eating plan is something like the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes fruits, vegetables, fish and olive oil, while being low in red meat, processed meats and processed foods.”

Focusing on ‘Calories In, Calories Out’

Diet quality is the most important thing. 

Preventing obesity, says Manson, also has to do with “the various habits that people can get into, such as snacking regularly,” says Manson. “In the film Better, there is a real effort to help people to improve the quality of their diet, because it refutes this notion that weight control is as simple as ‘calories in, calories out.’ It relates very much to having a diet that is high quality.”

Too Little Movement

Exercise is key to weight loss and overall good health.

“Everyday behaviors that can increase your risk of obesity include frequent snacking, nighttime eating, consuming foods/beverages high in sugar and low in nutrients (e.g, regular soda), long periods of sitting, and a lack of daily exercise,” says Kirsten Davison, Ph.D.

Unhealthy Snacking

What you select for snacks always matters.

“For a snack, if you get hungry during the day, you’re having a handful of nuts instead of donuts or a bag of potato chips,” says Manson. “These are the types of dietary changes that can lead to greater satiety, lower total calorie intake and just improve nutrition.”

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