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For years the daily goal in terms of steps is 10,000. Whether you own a pedometer or not, there are plenty of easy ways to take more steps every day and subsequently burn more calories. Use these tips to help Phentermine pills work as effectively as possible–you’ll feel better too!

Skip The PT

Forget taking public transportation to destinations you can easily walk to. Even if they seem far at first, the more you walk, the easier “going the distance” will be. Walk to grocery and convenience stores, to dinner with friends and family, and anywhere else so long as the weather isn’t too extreme.

Make Stairs Your New Best Friend

Take the stairs at your job or any other building you frequent on a regular basis instead of relying on the elevator or escalator. Stair climbing remains one of the best cardiovascular and muscle-toning workouts, and is especially beneficial to the legs and glutes. It also helps build endurance. The more you work those stairs, the less out of breath you will feel when you reach the top.

Take The Dog On Longer Walks

Help yourself and your four-legged friend get the exercise you both need for healthy weight management by going on longer walks. Start slow, such as by walking an extra block or two, and working from there. Also use walks as opportunities to visit local parks. Play games of fetch, work on the cross-training equipment, and otherwise have fun with your pooch. You’ll burn calories and forge a stronger bond with your canine.

Suggest Walking Meetings At Work

Move more throughout the work day by suggesting walking meetings around the premises instead of always sitting in conference rooms. Walking meetings help prevent the many health complications from sitting so everyone at your office takes more steps every day.
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