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Cutting your daily caloric intake as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen doesn’t have to be challenging. There are many ways to cut calories and therefore help the miracle diet pills do what they do best: naturally reducing your appetite to help your stomach shrink. Review four simple ways to cut calories and enjoy a slimmer, trimmer you.

Ask For Dressing On The Side

Always get your dressing on the side of your salad to control how much goes on the greens at a time. Dressing adds 300 to 400 calories to a salad depending on the type, with creamy varieties the worst offenders when it comes to weight loss. By asking for dressing on the side and using about half of it, you’ll save over 150 calories.

Eat Plain Yogurt

Opt for plain over “fruit on the bottom” yogurt that can contain up to 140 calories and some 12 grams of added sugar. A cup of nonfat plain yogurt, in comparison, tops off around 80 calories. If you don’t want to eat plain yogurt alone, add nuts and oats for a healthy serving of complex carbs and fat.

Stick To Fresh Fruit

Enjoy fresh fruit instead of fruit juice containing high amounts of simple sugars and no satiating fiber. Dehydrated, pureed, and dried fruit also prevent that full feeling because of their lack of water.

Order Small, Black Coffees

Keep your coffee orders on the small side and ask for black java over those loaded with fattening creamers and sugars. Too many coffee beverages turn into calorie bombs due to cream, syrup, whipped cream, and other unhealthy additives. Asking for black coffee saves about 70 calories.
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