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Running remains a favorite workout for many reasons. It burns calories, conditions the leg and abdominal muscles, builds endurance, and helps relieve stress. Those who run outdoors instead of on a treadmill also enjoy the outdoors and subsequently extra vitamin D. If you recently started running as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg-fueled weight loss regimen, review common mistakes to avoid.

Static Stretching

Static stretches such as stretching the hamstrings can seem like a good pre-run idea, but it’s actually counterproductive. Such stretching has shown to decrease muscle function, which increases the injury risk. Opt for dynamic stretches that warm the body without telling it to relax so muscles fire correctly.

Unrealistic Goals

Trying to run a mile or more on your first go heightens injury possibilities because you’re pushing yourself too far too soon. Set reasonable goals, such as training for a fun run over a 5K or marathon. As you increase endurance and get stronger, make new goals for yourself to avoid weight loss plateauing.

Not Eating

Running requires fueling the body with complex carbohydrates so glycogen stores have something to burn off. Try to eat two to four hours before running so that essential fuel is still available and ready to help you run faster and longer. Also remember to drink plenty of water for extra energy as well as hydration.

Swinging the Arms Across

Allow your arms to swing back and forth next to you instead of moving them horizontally across your torso. The latter movement slows you down because it causes the body to become out of sync. Think of your arms as personal oars designed to help propel you forward. Running will likely become more fun as a result.

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