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Losing those last five pounds doesn’t have to be a challenge, as there are many easy and inexpensive ways to shed that last bit of weight. Keep up with your Phentermine pill regimen and put these tips into practice to look and feel your best this summer and beyond.

Register For A Competition Or Race

Consider signing up for your local 5K or another fun and challenging race/competition.

There’s no better way to motivate yourself to get up from your office chair than knowing you have a race coming up,” says registered dietitian nutritionist Michelle Dudash. “Plus, running is one of the cheapest sports you can do because the only special equipment you need is good pair of running shoes and a training program, which you can get online for free.”

Drink More Water

Forget beverages high in sugar that do nothing except add to your waistline. Stick to regular water as much as possible for your weight and overall health. Water also flushes fat cells from the body to help you lose even more weight.

Shop Seasonally

Buying produce out of season is expensive! Stick to seasonal fare instead to save your wallet and your waistline. Eating more whole foods is an easy way to lose weight quickly.

Cook In Bulk

Prepare food in bulk so you always have something healthy to heat up.

Depending on how frequently you eat out, cooking your food at home can save you hundreds of dollars a month,” says registered dietitian Lauren Minchen. “And cooking in bulk is great if you’re time-strapped. It saves you time while allowing you to monitor the ingredients, calories, and portions in your meals. Win win win!”

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