4 Breakfast Habits To Avoid For Weight Loss After 50 - Drtohelp.com

What you eat for breakfast has a significant impact on your weight loss regimen, no matter your age. However, if you are over age 50 and recently began a weight loss program with Phentermine 37.5mg, there are numerous breakfast mistakes to avoid that increase your risk of belly fat. Review four of the worst habits to help your efforts. 

Skipping Protein

Protein is necessary for fast weight loss.

“Protein is essential for people over 50, as it helps maintain lean muscle mass for a healthy metabolism,” says registered dietitian Melissa Mitri, RD. 

Drinking Coffee Only

Coffee should be part of your breakfast, not the whole thing.

“Coffee suppresses our hunger cues for a while, but then once it’s digested, you may find yourself feeling like you’re starving,” notes Mitri. “This makes it harder to control your portions and make good choices later in the day. You can still enjoy your morning cup of joe, but pair it with a balanced breakfast.”

Eating Granola

Granola is not the healthy option you might think it is.

“Granola is often touted as being ‘natural,’ ‘low sodium,’ ‘non-GMO,’ or ‘gluten-free,’ which sounds healthful, but read the ingredients label; granola is often loaded with sugar,” says dietitian Jinan Banna, RD, PhD. “There are 13 grams of added sugars in a ¾-cup serving. It doesn’t keep you feeling full and provides a lot of calories with few beneficial vitamins and minerals.”

Skipping Breakfast Entirely

Make eating breakfast every day a habit.

“When glucose levels drop to a very low level, people experience brain fog, mental fatigue, and irritability,” says Trista Best, RD, MPH. “Breakfast is a way to set the tone for how you will eat the rest of the day. A nutrient-rich breakfast will likely lead to better food choices in the rest of the day’s meals.”

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