4 Body Fat-Reducing Exercises For People Over 40 | Fast Weight Loss

Since the body loses muscle with age, it becomes easier to gain fat. However, with the right combination of strength training, cardio, and healthy eating, you’ll remain fit and fabulous through your 40s and beyond. Phentermine 37.5mg helps you achieve your weight loss goals, and can be taken in conjunction with the following exercises.


The workout option enjoys a legion of dedicated followers because it builds muscle mass without bulky results. 

“Pilates is known best for its ability to improve posture which means it’s very effective at building up core strength, and additional muscle will help you burn more calories beyond your workout,” says Vanessa Johnson, NCPT. Muscle burns more calories than fat. 


Visiting the local pool or swimming anywhere else is a wonderful way to build muscle and burn fat without taxing the joints. It works basically every muscle in the body and is especially beneficial for overweight individuals with joint pain. 

Brisk Walking

Walking has shown to be as effective a workout as running without the joint stress. What’s more, most people can walk regardless of their fitness level, which helps individuals with excess weight and or mobility issues get fit. Once you get used to brisk walking, challenge yourself by walking uphill whenever possible, or bringing weights on your outings. 


Yoga provides yet another low-impact way to slim down, while also providing meditation benefits. 

“While yoga isn’t necessarily known for its high-calorie burning effects, it can be an incredible tool [for getting lean] due to its ability to help you move your body more, manage stress better, and reduce cortisol levels,” says Zac Armstrong, NASM-CPT. “For optimal results, it’s recommended you practice three to five times a week. This will keep you active, improve stress and mobility and given that yoga is so low impact, it’s also great for anybody who struggles with joint pain.”

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