Excessive hunger and thirst are two symptoms of Type 2 diabetes, a disease that can make weight loss more challenging. Help yourself lose weight and stay healthy as you deal with the disease by keeping the following tips in mind. Use them in conjunction with Phentermine 37.5mg.

Eliminate Sugar

This may sound terribly obvious, but it is key in dropping weight and avoiding Type 2 diabetes-related health scares.

“Cut out all sugary beverages including non-diet soda, juice, sweet teas, and sugary coffee drinks,” says Jeff Dachis, the founder and CEO of One Drop. “Cutting down on sugar will lower your A1C, reduce the need for larger doses of insulin, and help you lose weight.”

Get More Exercise

Increase your daily activity level. Walk or bike instead of driving whenever possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and find other low-impact options that help you burn calories and keep fit.

“All will help you add physical activity and help to lose weight – come up with extra ways to add activity and watch the weight come off,” says Dachis.

It is also a good idea to do more cardio and strength training to help your metabolism do its job.

“In any situation, weight-loss comes down to calories in vs. calories out; therefore, increasing physical activity levels will increase calorie expenditure throughout the day,” says trainer and fitness expert Michelle Roots. “Aim for both cardiovascular conditioning, but more importantly strength training in order to build muscle to increase basal metabolic rate.”

Consume Healthy Fats

Eating healthy fat sources such as avocados, nuts, and extra virgin olive oil lowers bad cholesterol levels and helps you feel fuller for longer. Try to add fat to your breakfast so you feel satiated throughout the morning and do not fall prey to sugar-loaded temptations. Eating breakfast also jump-starts your metabolism.

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