3 Ways to Use Leftovers That Won’t Cause Weight Gain

If you recently held a big dinner party or otherwise have lots of leftovers to utilize, you might worry about their impact on your waistline. Yet, there are many ways to use leftovers that won’t cause the dreaded “bulge.” Try the following ideas to help Phentermine 37.5mg work for you effectively. 

Make Soups & Stews

Turn leftover vegetables and pastas into assorted soups and stews. Follow a specific recipe you love or throw everything in a crock pot to see what new, delicious recipes you come up with. If you make a significant amount of stew or soup, simply freeze some of it for dinners the following week. Stews are especially hearty to keep you full throughout the day. 

Add Leftovers to Midday Meals

If some of your leftovers fall into the “comfort food” category, such as mac ‘n cheese, you can still enjoy them without derailing your fast weight loss efforts. Add these foods to your lunches, as you are more likely to burn the calories off than you would if you consume them during dinner. Fill most of your plate with veggies to help you feel full and avoid overeating. 

Make Burgers

Transform leftover lentils, beans, grains, and vegetables to make veggie burgers at home. As with soups and stews, you can follow specific recipes or come up with your own. It’s a good idea to add an egg to your veggie patty mix, as the dairy product provides a binding effect that keeps the burgers intact while you eat. Freeze any leftover patty mix for future meals. 

Enjoy getting creative with leftovers now, which can help you during the holiday season as well. Smart leftover use helps prevent holiday weight gain. For more on Phentermine pills, please DrToHelp.com today.