3 Ways to Drink Less on Weekends | Weight Loss Journey

Even if you don’t drink during the week, you might enjoy a few too many libations on weekends. Binge drinking is a common weekend problem for many, and one that does nothing for weight loss efforts. Alcohol slows the metabolism so the body can process the “toxin” through the liver, while also lowering inhibitions to make bad food choices more likely.

Hangovers compound the problem since many hungover people crave greasy, fatty fare. If you want to drink less on weekends to help Phentermine 37.5mg work effectively, review these tips.

Say No to Friday Boozing

It can be easy to toast the end of the work week with a few beers, glasses of wine, or hard liquor on the rocks. Yet drinking on Fridays increases your weekly libation count fast, and subsequently your hangover chances on Saturday mornings. See if you can drink less on Friday before trying to abstain from booze. You’ll feel great on Saturday to get more out of the day. 

Don’t Start Early

For some people, drinking on the weekends starts late Saturday morning, especially if they are poolside or anywhere else that’s festive. Yet getting started early means drinking more, even if you drink slowly and eat to avoid getting excessively drunk. Rather than consuming eight or more drinks on a weekend day, save the libations for the evening. Consume a protein-rich meal before drinking so you don’t get too drunk and are therefore more likely to make pool food decisions. 

Find Little Ways to Reward Yourself

A healthy rewards system can help make drinking less on weekends easier. For example, perhaps there’s a fitness accessory you’ve been wanting for awhile. If you drink x amount of fewer libations on the weekend, go ahead and order it. You can also reward yourself with favorite television shows, good books, time with family and friends, swimming, hiking adventures, or anything else that isn’t detrimental to your wellness. 

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