3 Ways To Avoid Overeating When You’re Working From Home - Drtohelp.com

The combination of coronavirus-related stress and working from home is enough to make even the most conscious dieters reach for chips and cookies. If you’re among the many people working from home at the moment and are worried about overeating and injuring the progress you’ve made while taking Phentermine 37.5 mg, use these tips to make smarter food decisions.

Drink More Water

Keep water within reach not only to stay hydrated and enjoy the many other health benefits the vital liquid provides, but to curb your appetite. Water helps quell hunger pangs. It also keeps you from thinking you’re hungry when you’re really thirsty. Aim for a gallon of water every day while working from home and all the days after to prevent binging.

Create An Eating Schedule

Develop a new meal schedule that makes sense for your daily work tasks. Try breakfast at 8am, lunch at noon, a snack at 4pm, and dinner at 8pm, or other variations that work for you, such as having dinner at 6pm and using the extra hours of daylight to take a post-meal walk. When you do eat, ensure the meals are nutrient dense and high in fiber to keep you satiated.

Limit The Libations

Avoid excessive drinking during quarantine since alcohol lowers inhibitions and makes poor food choices more likely. It also causes the liver to work overtime, which slows your metabolism so any food in your stomach is less likely to be burned as fuel. If you need a drink or two to help you relax, look for low-calorie beer and wine, or hard liquor on the rocks. Craft beer, mixed drinks, and many wines are calorie bombs.

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