3 Unique Strength Training Ideas | Weight Loss - Drtohelp.com

As important as cardio training is for weight loss because it burns calories quickly, it is equally important to strength train. Muscle replaces fat and torches calories at a more efficient rate than fat for a lean, toned physique. Help your fast weight loss efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg by implementing these creative strength training options. 

Carry Your Groceries Home

Instead of driving or taking private/public transportation to the grocery store or other establishment, such as the local retail store, take a walk. If the store is within walking distance, you can use the opportunity to strength train. Carry your groceries home and keep switching arms to avoid muscle strain. Engage your core to help strengthen those muscles and take the pressure off of your back. Try to do this every time you shop assuming the weather allows it to get stronger–you’ll likely notice that carrying bags becomes easier over time. 

Do Some Sorting

Spend rainy weekend afternoons sorting and culling your closets or other storage spaces, such as the attic or basement. Time spent lifting heavy boxes from high shelves, sorting and re-packing them as needed, then placing them back on the shelves or other storage area boosts your strength training efforts. Increase training efforts further by periodically doing squats or lunges while holding a heavy object. 

Take the Stairs After Receiving Packages 

Opt for stairs over elevators whenever possible to tone your legs, glutes, and abs, but also use the stairs to strength train. If you live in a high-rise or other building offering both elevator and stair options, take the stairs whenever you receive a package. Climb them holding the box to exercise your muscles–do as many flights as you can before getting on the elevator. Try to increase the number of flights you do with each package to get stronger. 

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