3 Tips For Reversing Recent Weight Gain - Drtohelp.com

If your weight has fluctuated recently in a way you do not like, there are numerous ways to reverse it quickly. In addition to taking Phentermine 37.5mg for fast weight loss, make a diet and exercise plan that incorporates these tips.

Add Nutrients to Every Meal

Don’t focus on depriving yourself. Instead, look for ways to make each meal healthier as well as calorie-conscious.

“Start out meal planning with what you can add—dark leafy greens, healthy fats, and nutrient dense foods that are high alkaline and low acid, low sugar vs. limiting your meals with what you can’t have,” says Dr. Daryl Gioffre. “As you begin to add the good stuff, over time, it will soon outweigh the bad stuff. Add mineral-rich foods like red bell pepper, brussel sprouts, spinach, and avocados which are not only loaded with minerals, but healthy fats as well.”

Eat Fat to Burn Fat

Speaking of healthy fat, ensure they are part of your diet.

“When most of us look to lose weight, we think we have to avoid eating fats, but that is one of the biggest mistakes we make,” Dr. Gioffre says. “To burn fat, you have to eat more fat to burn fat. Once you start adding in the fats, you’ll feel full for so much longer that not only won’t you have the room for the carb-rich foods, but you also won’t have the appetite for them either.”

Consume More Green Juices

An overly-acidic body is problematic for many reasons, including weight gain.

“Weight gain is an acid and inflammation problem. When we become toxic, inflamed, and over-acidic from stress and stress eating, our body has to hold onto fat to buffer or neutralize these toxins, so that they don’t harm our more important and vital organs,” Dr. Gioffree explains.

The body literally binds these toxins to our adipose tissue, or fat, and lodges it into our connective tissues, which I call the acid magnets of the body (your belly, butt, etc). Detoxifying the body with alkalizing foods will kick the acid, and the fat that is attached to it.”

Dr. Gioffree suggests drinking more green juice.

“Years ago when I was addicted to sugar, I added two things—I drank two green juices a day, and bounced on a rebounder (mini-trampoline) for 10 minutes. Within 21 days, my lifelong addiction to sugar and stress eating was gone, and in just under 4 months, I lost 42 pounds and became a fat-burning machine.”

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