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Belly fat is the bane of many when it comes to weight loss, but it is possible to shed this dreaded fat with Phentermine 37.5mg and healthy lifestyle habits. Review what experts suggest for losing belly fat for good. 

Eat Three Meals a Day

Skipping meals will not help you lose weight, including belly fat.

“I understand the idea that reducing fat or reducing certain foods in a diet can help reduce fat,” says Blanca Garcia, RDN. “In reality, it’s not so much the food only that affects the abdominal fat, but also eating habits. Skipping meals can actually contribute to midsection fat.”

“A person that skips a meal tells the body it’s in starvation mode and as soon as the food is delivered to the body it will store fat as a way to safeguard enough energy stores for the ‘starvation mode’ it believes it’s in. The secondary reason this habit can affect midsection fat is a person’s feeling of hunger can cause that person to eat faster and possibly overeat. The technique is to choose a time to eat every 3 to 4 hours whether a snack or meal and stay consistent. This communicates to the body there is food and also places hunger cues in order.”

Reduce Your Caloric Intake at Night

Eating fewer calories at night is key.

“Studies show time and time again that reducing caloric intake before sleeping can lead to sustained weight loss,” says Morgyn Clair, MS, RDN. “Have more balanced meals throughout the day and skip heavy night time snacks to help the waistline.”

Eat More Protein

Protein is necessary to successful weight loss.

“Protein is essential for building and maintaining muscle mass,” says Clair. “As we lose, our metabolism changes and nutrition needs are different. Many people losing weight do not necessarily get enough protein in their diet, which can lead to muscle loss along with fat loss. Muscle naturally burns more calories throughout the day; meaning that more muscle mass equals faster metabolism overall.”

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