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Reducing your body fat percentage does not have to be a challenge. With Phentermine 37.5mg, routine exercise, and the right diet, you can shed extra fat everywhere on your body. To help you burn the most fat, review the following suggestions from diet experts. 

Limit Processed Foods 

Abstaining from processed foods or at least limiting your intake of such foods is key to shedding body fat.

“Most processed foods are high in sugar and fat—addictive ingredients that keep you wanting (and buying) more,” says Bianca Garcia, RDN. “They contribute to overall body fat, and removing them from your diet can help you to lose fat that was contributed by these foods naturally.”

Say No to Calorie-Heavy Coffee 

Lattes, iced coffee drinks, and similar beverages are typically loaded with different forms of sugar, including syrup and whipped cream. They are bona-fide calorie bombs.

“Limiting your intake of fancy coffees can quickly reduce fat all over your body. These coffees, like a pumpkin spice latte, come with so much added sugar you could make a meal out of it,” notes Garcia. “When you consume excess sugar, your body sends it to the liver where it’s converted to fat and stored for later use.” 

Avoid Sugar and Fat-Free Products

Food products labeled “sugar-free” and “fat-free” might seem like helpful additions to your diet, but they actually hinder the weight loss process.

“Buying sugar-free may reduce your sugar intake but sometimes, in exchange, fat will be added,” says Garcia. “The same goes for fat-free; you may consume more sugar to compensate for the flavor. However, if these foods are a part of your diet, removing them can shed that extra fat you store all over your body.”

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