3 terrible habits that contribute to belly fat - Drtohelp.com

Belly fat is widely regarded as some of the most difficult fat to lose, but it doesn’t have to be. Toning the abdominal muscles replaces fat, with muscles also burning fat at a more efficient rate. However, what you eat arguably has the biggest effect on belly fat. Review bad habits to avoid here to help your fast weight loss efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg

Eating in Large Groups

When you’re noshing with friends and family, it can be easy to forget how much you’re actually consuming. Family-style meals compound the problem because portions are extra-large. Eating meals by yourself, in comparison, helps you concentrate on your food so your brain and stomach recognize when you are full. While you can still enjoy meals with friends, it’s a good idea to find other ways to spend quality time, such as going on walks around the neighborhood. 

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Restful sleep is a health essential for a long list of reasons, including those involving weight loss. Sleeping for seven to eight hours every night regulates hunger hormones so you don’t wake up thinking you are hungrier than you are. It also prevents feelings of fatigue and irritation that can make you more likely to make poor food decisions. Focus on getting alcohol-free sleep as much as possible, since booze interrupts sleep patterns. 

Consuming a Highly-Restrictive Diet

Restricting your diet too much does nothing for quick weight loss.

 “Often diets that cut out entire food groups do not allow for the balance and moderation we need to follow a healthy, lifelong eating plan,” notes health experts. “Plus, dieters who follow these plans may be prone to potentially dangerous nutritional deficiencies. Or they may simply get bored with their restricted plan and end up overeating down the road.”

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