3 Popular Foods Hurting Your Weight Loss Plans | Fast Weight Loss

Some of the most popular foods in the country are also among the worst for your waistline and overall health. Review foods you need to limit if not avoid completely if you plan on taking Phentermine 37.5mg for fast weight loss

Potato Chips

The classic snack food provides a satisfying crunch, yet does nothing for your weight. 

“[Chips] have the perfect combo of fat and salt, making them irresistible and hard to portion control,” says Ashley Larsen, RD. “As a dietitian, I encourage my clients to not eat straight from the bag and don’t eat the chips alone. Pairing the chips with high fiber veggie sticks can help with portion control. Consider swapping potato chips with a whole food salty snack like crispy snap peas or roasted chickpeas that are packed with protein and fiber, which are more filling.”

White Bread

Stick to whole wheat or sprouted grain bread over the white stuff. 

“According to a study, eating just two [slices of] white bread per day can increase the risk of obesity and weight gain by up to 40%,” notes Dr. Robert Berry. “White bread is made of highly refined flour, which is laced with lots of sugar and can easily lead to overeating. Opt for other options like almond flour bread, cornbread, and oopsie bread.”


They might pair well with cheese, but crackers are no friend to weight loss efforts and do not help you stay satiated. 

“While they can be tasty, they are an easy way to greatly increase your calorie intake,” says Melissa Morey, RD. “Not only are they loaded with sodium and trans fats, but they are also highly processed and not nutrient-dense.”

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