3 Odd Weight Loss Tips That Really Work | Weight Loss Programs

There are plenty of weight loss tips out there, some of which are ineffective or plain unhealthy. Yet there are others that really work, no matter how strange they might seem.

Review some of these “odd” tips here to help your weight loss efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg

Add Fat

Healthy fat does not make you fat. 

“So often people wanting to lose weight cut out fat to lose weight—unless they go on keto and that is a completely different problem,” says Lisa Young, Ph.D, RDN. “Even though fat has more calories than protein and carbs, it is filling so you ultimately eat less. So, enjoy a handful of nuts as a snack to lose weight.”

Eat More

Portion control is important, but it doesn’t mean you should seriously limit your calorie intake. 

“While portion control is super important and is my specialty, practicing portion control does not mean you have to eat tiny portions,” says Young. “In fact, oftentimes, you could enjoy more to lose weight. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber as well as vitamins and minerals and can help you to feel full. So, the more the better!”

“No one got fat from bananas and carrots so don’t worry about the ‘sugar’ content,” says Young. “Also, sometimes it’s best to create the perfect pair for a satisfying snack. Adding a teaspoon or two to an apple is often more filling than just having the fruit. Having a 1/4 cup of hummus along with your veggies will keep you full longer which will ultimately help you lose weight. It’s not just about the calories—it’s about enjoying foods that are healthy as well as filling.”

Forget the Juice Cleanse

The whole ‘juice cleanse’ concept is a weight loss myth.

“Juice cleanses are often more harmful than helpful when it comes to weight loss,” says Mackenzie Burgess, RDN. “While the fruits and vegetables blended into juices have important vitamins and minerals, the juice itself is all quick-absorbing carbohydrates with little to no fiber or protein. The result? A temporary burst of energy and short-term satiety that will have you craving more food soon after.”

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