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Looking and feeling your absolute best before a friend or family member’s wedding is always a good thing, especially since dozens of photos will be snapped. If you are taking Phentermine 37.5mg for fast weight loss reasons and do not want to injure your efforts with an overindulgent weekend, review more ways to make healthy choices. 

Savor a Treat You Really Love

You don’t have to deprive yourself during the festivities, as weddings are meant to be fun! If there is a sweet treat on the dessert tray you absolutely love, such as a favorite cake, brownie, or cookie, feel free to indulge. Take time to fully chew and subsequently savor each bite, since eating too fast can make you feel like you’re still hungry. Enjoying a beloved treat is always better than consuming lots of calories on desserts you don’t like that much. 

Catch Up With Friends & Family Members

Weddings are often a wonderful time to catch up with family members, old friends, and coworkers. Rather than spending time by the buffet, enjoy finding out what these individuals have been up to. You could spend hours chatting, which provides a pleasant, weight loss-friendly distraction. Encourage your loved ones to get on the dance floor as well, since it provides the perfect opportunity to burn off dinner and dessert. 

Take Care of the Kids & Pets

If there are any children and pets present at the wedding, offer to watch them while the parent or babysitter gets something to eat or time on the dance floor. Spending time with little kids and four-legged friends provides another healthy distraction that avoids mindless eating. Play games and take walks, among other fun activities, which helps you stay active. 

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