3 More Ways to Drink Less on Weekends | Fast Weight Loss

Weekend boozing is a common issue for many, even if they don’t drink much or at all during the week. And while alcohol offers health benefits in moderation, it does nothing for wellness when consumed excessively.

One of the many ways it harms health is by promoting weight gain–if you want to drink less on weekends to boost your Phentermine 37.5mg efforts, review three more tips. 

Make Alcohol an Indulgence

Save alcohol for special occasions instead of something you do every weekend. Celebrate your achievements and that of loved ones with alcohol you wouldn’t normally order, such as an expensive glass of really good wine. Savor that glass not only because it tastes great, but because it’s not cheap. You’ll be less likely to order more as a result. 

Think of the Other Things You Want to Do

When you feel like having a few drinks on a Friday or Saturday night, think of what you want to do the following day and how drinking might affect it. Perhaps you want to wake up early on Saturday to work out and visit friends, or wish to spend Sunday hiking or going to the beach. Drinking can make you sleep late and feel yucky when you wake up, two issues that do not contribute to productive weekends. By abstaining from booze and waking up at a relatively early hour, you’ll get more out of your weekends so they don’t feel like they fly by. 

Remember Your Worst Hangovers

Let the worst hangovers you’ve ever had float through your mind when you’re considering “partying” on the weekends. Those hangovers likely had you saying, “I will never drink again” and similar phrases. Remember how you lost time the following day because you felt so terrible and were either in bed or throwing up–doing so should help you say no!

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