3 More Tips For Avoiding Christmas Week Weight Gain - Drtohelp.com

“Holiday weight” is a dreaded term for many, since the season features a seemingly-endless parade of sweet and fattening treats. If you recently started a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen and want to stay “on task” during the rest of the holiday season, there are many ways to do so. Review more tips for losing rather than gaining weight.

Walk To Make Returns

Gift returns are a common activity in the weeks after Christmas. Help yourself lose weight during ‘return sessions’ by walking to and from the stores, if possible. The weight from the bags you’re carrying adds resistance to help you strength-train, while walking burns calories. Keep your abdominal muscles engaged as you walk to burn even more calories. If you want, you can add lunges or squats to your walk on the way home when you aren’t loaded down by bags. 

Limit the Alcohol

Leftover alcohol from holiday parties can call to you, but remember: it’s full of empty calories. Alcohol also causes your metabolism to slow down while your liver works overtime getting rid of the “toxin” you’ve ingested. And since booze lowers your inhibitions, you are more likely to eat those cookies or candies lying around. By saying no to libations, you are taking steps to maintain a flat stomach and avoiding next-day hangovers. 

Enjoy Treats During the Day

Watching what you eat during the holidays doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of favorite goodies. Turn them into sweet indulgences you really savor, and try to eat the treats early in the day. You will burn them off, especially if you work out and walk a lot, something that doesn’t usually happen with late-night eating. The foods you consume late at night are much more likely to be stored as fat, particularly in the midsection. 

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