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Learn what else happens to the body when you say no to breakfast. It won’t help Phentermine 37.5mg work its magic or your health in general. The first meal of the day is arguably the most important, after all.

You Aren’t Helping Your Eating Habits

Breakfast helps you set yourself up for healthy eating habits.

“I believe the mental and emotional aspect of doing something positive and healthy for yourself when you first wake up goes a long way for your stability and dedication,” explains personal trainer Patrick Williams. “Your day can get crazy—and if you leave your eating habits to chance, it’s likely that you will reach for quick glucose spiking foods that will harm your long term goals. Proactivity goes a long way!”

Your Stress Level Increases

Without breakfast, you can stress more, resulting in the production of belly fat-inducing cortisol.

“By having breakfast, you refill the liver glycogen levels so that the cortisol levels can decrease. If you don’t eat breakfast, then cortisol levels will continue to increase to maintain blood glucose levels eventually causing insulin resistance that makes you more hungry throughout the day,” says Dr. Barry Sears, president of Inflammation Research Foundation.

“Even if you eat breakfast, you still need about 25 grams of protein to maintain satiety. Therefore, a balanced anti-inflammatory breakfast is the ideal way to start the day and continue it without hunger or fatigue.”

Your Immunity Lowers

Breakfast helps your immune system!

“Periods of fasting appear to trigger damage to the cells and the body needs to be fed food regularly in order to maintain healthy levels of immune cells that fight infections and improve the action of fighter cells (T-cells) in the body,” says nutritionist Tehzeeb Lalani.
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