3 Habits to Avoid For Successful Weight Loss - Drtohelp.com

Healthy weight loss is about knowing what to do…and what to avoid. Review practices that will not help you lose weight fast with Phentermine 37.5mg to enjoy a healthier journey. 

You Aren’t Eating Protein in the Morning

Your morning routine should include a healthy amount of protein.

“The one thing I notice in 90 percent of my clients [who can’t lose weight] is that they are skipping heavy protein in the first meal of their day,” says Anthony Coffey, owner of Bloom Training. “Having a higher protein diet, especially starting the day high, leads not just to a higher thermal effect (burning more calories throughout the day), but better preservation of lean body mass, which further protects the metabolism, and aids in a more tone and defined look. It also lessens cravings, mood disturbance, irritability, stress, and fatigue levels throughout the entire day—all things leading to weight gain, or trouble losing weight.”

Your Wait Until You Are Famished to Eat

Don’t wait until you are absolutely starving to have a meal.

“The worst thing people who are struggling to lose weight do every day is waiting to eat until they are ravenous,” says Katelyn Barrons, NASM, CPT, an Ace Health Coach. “People who are trying to lose weight often think that if they skip a meal or can push back a meal time that will help them consume less calories. This often backfires because inevitably people will get so hungry that they overeat or don’t feel motivated to make a healthy decision. Having structured meal times and food prepped ahead of time can help make sure that hunger cues stay under control and people are able to choose balanced, healthy meals!”

You Eat Dinner Too Late

Aim for earlier dinner times.

“I teach the habit of eating a larger meal for lunch, including treats, and taking the soup or salad you would’ve been having for lunch and eating it for dinner instead,” says Carly Banks, a health counselor. “I’ve seen clients lose upwards of 35 pounds simply from shifting their meal times, while eating the exact same diet. This shift also improves sleep quality and decreases morning grogginess.”

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