3 Fall Fitness Comfort & Safety Tips - Drtohelp.com

Fall is a favorite season for many due to factors such as crisp air and temperate weather, autumn festivals, and Halloween candy. If you want to keep exercising outdoors this fall as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg fast weight loss program, review the following tips.

Wear Layers

Autumn is a bit tricky when it comes to the weather, as you can be too cold one minute and too hot the next. Rather than sweating profusely a few minutes into your run, cross-training session, or other outdoor workout, wear layers you can remove as your body temperature increases. Make your base layers moisture-wicking options, and add other clothes, such as hoodies. You’ll stay comfortable throughout your workout instead of getting a chill that can increase your illness risk. 

Stay Aware of the Time

The days get shorter in the fall, meaning you might have to adjust your workout routine. If you normally love exercising in the early evening, consider switching to a morning or lunchtime regimen so you aren’t left in the dark. Doing any workout outside at night presents safety issues from vehicle drivers who might not see you. If you must exercise at night, wear reflective materials. 

Be Mindful of Wet Leaves

Sneakers with quality traction are essential to any workout, especially during fall when there are leaves on the ground. Wet leaves can cause you to slip and fall, whether on foot or riding your bike. Take note of your surroundings so you don’t accidentally sustain wet leaf-related injuries and sideline yourself for weeks. If you see areas with serious amounts of wet leaves, either switch your routine or carefully walk through them. A little walking helps if HIIT workouts are part of your exercise program. 

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