Best Weight Loss Program For Women in Their 20s

The best weight loss program for women in their 20s features the same foundations as any other successful program–a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. The metabolisms of young women haven’t slowed as much as their elder counterparts, making weight loss a bit less challenging. One of the best weight loss programs currently taking over San Diego, CA involves Phentermine, the miracle diet pill supervised by Dr. James Kojian of

Let’s take a look at some of Dr. Kojian’s best tips regarding weight loss program formulation for 20-something women:

Reduce Caloric Intake

It’s well-known by now that weight gain occurs when you consume more calories than you burn. Reducing caloric intake by 500 to 1,000 calories each day results in one to two pounds lost per week, a healthy way to shed unwanted weight. A great aid in caloric intake reduction is Phentermine, as it reduces appetite via specific hormone stimulation. Eating less causes the stomach to shrink, which also helps significantly in keeping excess weight off. The stomach shrinks in two to three months while on a Phentermine regimen.

Work Out Socially

Busy schedules often results in exercise falling on the proverbial backburner. Working out socially helps alleviate this problem, as it involves spending time with friends in addition to burning calories. Work out with a “buddy” or a group of friends, whether it be biking, hitting the gym, taking yoga or dance class, or simply power-walking through the neighborhood.

Get Enough Sleep

Research indicates better food choices occur when well-rested, so be sure to get enough shut-eye. Seven to eight hours of sleep per night also allows metabolism to reset itself, which further aids in weight loss.

Talk to Dr. Kojian today about incorporating Phentermine into your weight loss program!

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