While much of the best diet and exercise advice applies to both men and women, there’s also tips and tricks specifically for each sex. Women and men put on weight in different places, with women more likely to retain weight around their hips and thighs.

Researching the best weight loss program for women means researching Phentermine, the miracle weight loss pill that suppresses the appetite and helps weight stay off for good. In addition to consulting Dr. James Kojian of DrToHelp.com about Phentermine, what else can women do to lose weight? Let’s find out:

Never Skip Meals

Avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast. Allowing yourself to become really hungry leads to poor food decisions…and splurging. Rather than oinking out because you’re starving and feeling bad about yourself later, enjoy three meals per day, or six small meals. Healthy snacks that burn fat are also helpful, such as anything involving avocado. Always find time to eat breakfast, as it gives you the fuel you need for the day.

Don’t Diet When Stressed

If dealing with serious stress in your life, it’s best not to attempt a restrictive diet. The subsequent deprivation will only increase your stress, so look for stress-busting activities that burn calories instead. Find a kickboxing class, or go for a long walk every day. Phentermine is helpful once you’re feeling less stressed, as it doesn’t restrict your diet in any way, it simply makes you less hungry.

Steer Clear of Liquid Calories

Liquid calories found in soft drinks and beer make you feel full, and make caloric intake skyrocket. Avoid sugary beverages and go for water and green tea instead, both of which are diuretics. Check nutrition labels if you’re unsure about a particular beverage.

For more on the best weight loss program for women, please contact Dr. Kojian today.

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