Men and women face different weight loss challenges, however both can benefit from the Phentermine weight loss program in San Diego. An appetite suppressant, Phentermine makes eating less easy, which helps shrink the stomach. In addition to consulting with Dr. James Kojian of about the benefits of Phentermine, what else can men specifically do to lose weight?

Let’s find out:

Learn to Cook

Men who hit the drive-thru on their way home from work each day are setting themselves up for serious weight gain. Fast food and most other takeout is very high in calories, not to mention sodium and unhealthy fats. Learning to cook is therefore essential–for everyone, not just men. There’s plenty of healthy, easy recipes that don’t take much time to prepare…and make shedding unwanted pounds a whole lot less complicated.

Make Protein Smoothies a Habit

Protein is necessary for building muscle in addition to overall health, with smoothies an excellent way to ingest the macromolecules. Drinking a protein smoothie prior to going out to dinner–or any meal–means feeling full. It also means eating less come lunch or dinner.

Get Workout-Smart

A weight loss tip for everyone, constantly changing a workout regimen is highly beneficial. In addition to working out different muscles, utilizing different exercises avoids focusing too much on strength training or cardio. A nice balance is necessary to not only burn fat, but to build muscles. Lifting too much weight at one time is detrimental, while lifting a lighter amount correctly makes it easy to obtain desired results.

Avoid Drinking Too Much

Men love their beer, however drinking too much is a surefire path to weight gain and other health problems. Beer especially is loaded with empty calories, with the old saying “there’s a hoagie in every beer” quite true. Watching alcohol intake makes losing weight a much faster process.

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