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Best tips from weight loss retreats

Experts from the most renowned weight loss retreats in the country have recently spilled their best secrets for achieving your goal weight. Review a few of their best tips and use them to aid your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts.

Go Half Way

“Alternate days of your new diet plan with your normal eating habits,” says Julie Odato, certified personal trainer and Program Director at Jump Start Retreats in the Catskills. “For example, do the new plan Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, and observe your regular habits Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.”

Focus On Actionable Goals

Rather than saying “I want to lose [x] pounds,” say “I want to jog for an extra half-mile today.” Focusing on actionable goals is the path to results!

“I hear ‘I want to lose 20 pounds,’ all the time. But this is not a goal that easily sets you up for success,” says David Chesworth, a fitness specialist at Hilton Head Health (H3) on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. “Make your goal something like going for a 30 minute power walk or always going to your favorite Zumba class after work on Fridays.”

Listen To Your Body

Give your body what it wants!

“Our bodies are intelligent and always asking for what they need to function optimally, whether it wants vegetables or even a bit of sugar, there’s reasoning behind the cravings,” says Carrie Seyer of CorePower Yoga.

Track Your Results

Track your progress and subsequent results, whether with an app, calorie tracker, or even a plain ‘ol Word doc. Guests at the all-inclusive bootcamp vacation Whistler Fitness Vacations are given FitBits to encourage them to walk 10,000 steps every day.

Enjoy using these and other tips to craft your perfect diet and fitness regimen that (of course) includes Phentermine 37.5mg.

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