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Avoid these “calorie bomb” condiments

Unfortunately, many of the world’s favorite condiments are bona fide calorie bombs. Review some of the worst offenders and keep this list in mind throughout your weight loss and Phentermine 37.5mg journey:


“With processed refined soybean oil as the main ingredient in most mayo’s, there’s nothing healthy about mayonnaise,” says registered dietitian Asvini Mashru, RD. “Tartar sauce has the same issues as mayo. If you can find a mayo made with 100 percent olive oil instead of soybean oil, this would actually be a healthy choice.”

“Fat-Free” Dressing

“Most fat-free salad dressings are simply loaded with extra sugar,” states Mashru. “Remember that you need a good fat source to go with your salad to help absorb the vitamins and minerals in your veggies, so fat-free dressing is not a good option.”

Try making your own dressing instead to control exactly what goes in it.


As with fat-free dressing, ketchup is high in sugar.

“It’s deceiving because it has no fat, so people think they can enjoy freely. Unfortunately, we now know that sugar is for more insidious than fat,” says registered dietitian Monica Auslander.

Sour Cream

Even a dollop of the stuff contains hundreds of calories!

“Avoid the artery-clogging version of saturated fat by swapping it out for Greek yogurt,” says Tody Amidor, another registered dietitian.

Chocolate Syrup

“Refined carbohydrates like high fructose corn syrup are associated with abdominal obesity, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, diabetes, and increased inflammation,” says health expert Edwina Clark.

Try antioxidant-rich dark chocolate instead–preferably one that is at least 70 percent cacao.

Duck Sauce

This sauce is another sugar and salt nightmare.

“Luckily, it’s pretty easy to create your own version without the sugar,” says health expert Amy Isabella Chalker. “A chutney-like mix of apricot, vinegar, spices, ginger, and a bit of raw unfiltered honey can create a healthier version with even more freshness and flavor.”

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