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Are your salads making you gain weight

Salads are wonderfully healthy and often function as great weight loss tools. However, your daily salads might be contributing to weight gain without you realizing it. See if any of the following apply to you to help your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts:

Too Many Croutons

Croutons add crunch and flavor to your salads, as well as plenty of calories and bad fat because they are tiny cubes of fried bread. Fried wontons and sesame sticks are not much better, so skip these toppings or make your own and limit your intake as much as possible.

Lots Of Nuts & Dried Fruit

Nuts may be a great source of healthy fat; however, not paying attention to how many you pile on your salad could easily exceed your calorie limit for the day. Try chopping up a portioned amount of nuts so you still get the crunch and texture you want without the extra calories and fat. Measure your dried fruit intake as well–while fruit is an essential part of a healthy diet, too much dried fruit increases your sugar intake considerably.

Tons Of Salad Bar Toppings

Not every topping in the salad bar is healthy, even if it is a veggie or grain. You don’t know how the toppings were cooked and how much salt they contain, so stick to making salads at home. That way you can easily control what goes in them. Skip pre-made versions at grocery and convenience stores for the same reason.

Pre-Made Dressing

Again, making your own dressing is the key to healthy salad fare. Pre-made versions, especially those of the bleu cheese, ranch, and thousand island variety, are loaded with fat, sugar, and calories. Make your own dressing and measure it out instead of saturating your salad with it.

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