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Are you drinking too many calories

Many think of calories in terms of food, not beverages. Unless all you drink is water, you are ingesting liquid calories, with some drinks more offensive than others. If you have started a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen but still aren’t seeing the results you want, you could be drinking too many calories. Review the following signs to make adjustments as needed:

Drinking A Smoothie Every Morning

Do you start every morning purchasing a smoothie from your favorite juice bar? As healthy as many smoothies are, those prepared in such establishments are frequently loaded with sugar and bad fat. You could easily be drinking more than half of your daily recommended intake before the day really gets started. Solve this issue by making your own smoothies so you can directly control how many calories go in the blender.

Feeling Thirsty On A Regular Basis

Are you drinking a lot of liquid every day? Are such liquids packed with sugar? Non-water beverages such as soda increase thirstiness, which can easily lead to continually-high blood sugar, increased urination, and dizziness. If you dislike the “plain” taste of water, try adding lemon or lime.

Gaining Weight Around Your Middle

Have you noticed you are gaining instead of losing weight, particularly in your midsection? As little as one sugary beverage per day has the unfortunate power to add to your waistline, and make you gain as much as five pounds per year.

Loving Those Fancy Cocktails

Do you love a fancy cocktail, such as those that feature elaborate garnishes and little umbrellas for decoration? Mixed drinks are calorie bombs, as they frequently feature ingredients such as mixers, juice, and soda among other things. Try limiting your alcohol intake for awhile to see if your waistline doesn’t shrink. If you must have a drink, go for a glass of wine or hard liquor on the rocks. The latter is the lowest-calorie alcoholic beverage option.

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