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Afternoon habits that help you lose weight

Making over a variety of habits is often a part of weight loss, including those you do in the afternoon. If you have recently started a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen, learn what afternoon habits will help you shed the weight you want.

Listen To Your Body

Many people ignore their mid-afternoon hunger pangs because they are so slammed with work or other tasks.

“This backfires, leaving you famished later in the day and more likely to overeat when you finally do make time to have a meal,” says Alissa Rumsey, R.D., C.S.C.S.

She suggests keeping balanced snacks with you throughout the day.

“This will keep your hunger at bay, and you’ll be less likely to reach for that candy dish at 3 p.m.”

Watch How Many Bites You Take Per Day

“While it may seem like just a small sample or tiny bite, these all add up over the course of the day,” Rumsey says. “Often these bites, licks, and tastes are a significant source of calories.”

Continual grazing also makes it difficult to gauge how full you are, and often result in consuming far more calories than you intended.

Move As Much As Possible

Sitting in an office all day long is not going to help you lose the weight you want.

“If you sit for the rest of the day, you are undoing most of those good workout effects,” says Rumsey. “Make an effort to stand up and move at least once an hour, even if it’s just for a minute or two. All these little movements add up.”

Make a point of walking around on your lunch hour, especially if your work is near a local park or other lovely outdoor space.

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