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A science-based way to eat less junk food

If your are a junk food junkie and it is impairing your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts, don’t panic. Many people deal with portion control issues and sugar “attacks,” however a simple trick backed by science may cure your junk food addiction forever. Read on to help yourself lose the weight you want.

Pre-Plated Food

According to a new study from the USC Marshall School of Business, not serving your own food has a dramatic effect on how much you consume.

“Our research shows that for unhealthy—but not for healthy—food, consumers are more likely to indulge and have larger portions when they are less involved in serving the food, like when another person serves it for them or when it’s already pre-plated,” says study co-author Linda Hagen, assistant professor of marketing at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. “They’re less likely to indulge and will choose smaller portions when they have to serve themselves.”

Serving Yourself

The study found participants who served themselves unhealthy foods were much more likely to put smaller portions on their plates.

“When people are more physically involved in serving their food, they feel more responsible for their eating choices and are more likely to curb their unhealthy eating to avoid feel guilty,” says Hagen. “In other words, serving your own food can be a tool to help hold yourself more accountable.”

Help your weight loss efforts by always serving your own food at home, and eating at home as much as possible. Avoid eating out of bags, such as bags of chips, as it makes it difficult to know how much you are really consuming. Ask to serve yourself at parties and special events rather than having someone do it for you so you do not feel tempted to eat that giant slice of cake.

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