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A few tips for a healthy thanksgiving

If you are fearful the Thanksgiving holiday will tip the scale just as you’ve been making Phentermine 37.5mg-related headway, don’t panic. There’s plenty you can do to ward off holiday weight gain and remain on the healthy path that will have you donning swimwear with confidence by summer.

Stay Active

Don’t let cold weather interfere with your exercise regimen. Find a gym, sweat it out at home with exercise or YouTube videos, and go for walks when the weather allows it. Do a little more around Thanksgiving and any other time you know you’re going to be indulging this holiday season. Talk a walk before and after Thanksgiving dinner with family to avoid gaining a pound or three on Turkey Day.

Make Healthy Dishes

Cook several healthy dishes to bring to Thanksgiving this year, such as those made with fruit purees instead of sugar. Use low-fat broth whenever possible, as well as healthy butter and oil alternatives. Consider cauliflower mashed potatoes instead of the real thing, and avoid canned versions of gravy and cranberry sauce, as they’re likely loaded with sodium and sugar.

Chew Slowly

Chew your food slowly so your body has more time to realize it is full. Listen to your body–are you really and truly still hungry, or are you eating simply because it’s Thanksgiving and family members have yet to come up for air? Be mindful about what you’re eating, and whether you’re going for seconds and thirds. If you’re full, stop eating. There’s always leftovers to enjoy in the days to come!

Skip The Alcohol

Try not to guzzle too much wine or beer this Thanksgiving, as alcoholic beverages are full of empty calories that put you on the Weight Gain Train. Have a glass or two if you must, but don’t go overboard.

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