Practically every herb on the planet features a number of properties, all of which contribute to your health and wellness. Some herbs even promote fast weight loss, so why not add them to various dishes and help your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen? Review five of the best herbs for losing weight:


Cinnamon is a wondrous herb with many health benefits, including the ability to control insulin levels and blood sugar. It also helps manage your hunger–simply sprinkle it on your oatmeal to reap the benefits!


Ginger root in fresh or powdered form is believed to help you control cravings, such those for the box of donuts in the breakroom or the candy bars in the grocery store line.

Cayenne Pepper

The hotter-than-hot herb features the dihydrocapsiate compound, which research indicates helps the body burn fat efficiently when consumed three times a day.

Black Pepper

Cayenne’s cousin also contains a substance that contributes to the burning of fat. Called piperine, it is believed to help the body burn calories through the thermogenesis process.


The popular spice aids weight loss by increasing metabolism speed so your body burns calories more efficiently.


Studies indicate the scent of peppermint can help decrease the appetite. The herb also settles upset stomachs.


Coriander is another herb believed to boost metabolic function and help you lose weight at a faster pace.


Turmeric is common ingredient in Indian food and has been proven to help reduce bodily inflammation. Since inflammation is linked to obesity and problems with weight loss, it is a great herb to add to your daily intake.


Cumin is an herb believed to help with quick weight loss when mixed with other herbs, such as those mentioned above!

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