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6 more ways to slash 100 calories from meals

Help your Phentermine 37.5mg-fueled efforts by learning more ways to eliminate 100 calories from your daily snacks and meals. There are plenty of ways to feel full without increasing your caloric intake early in the day.

Forget The Tortilla Chips

The fried tortilla chips with salsa that appear at your table in any Mexican restaurant are calorie bombs. Skip eating them to save room for your meal and cut unnecessary calories.

Make Smart Morning Protein Choices

Opt for lean cuts of ham, Canadian bacon, or veggie bacon instead of standard bacon and sausage for breakfast. You can also skip the meat in general and get your protein in other ways, such as breakfast dishes featuring quinoa.

Opt For Brown Or Cauliflower Rice

Swap white rice, which has very little nutritional value in addition to plenty of calories, for brown rice or cauliflower rice. You’ll add more nutrients and fiber to your meal every time you do this.

Use All-Fruit Jam Only

Ensure you always use all-fruit jam to reduce sugar and therefore calories from your toast or other meal. Most commercial jams are loaded with sugar to make them sweeter.

Put Veggies In Your Omelet Instead Of Meat And Cheese

Make your omelets at home and load them with vegetables and mushrooms instead of meat and cheese for a filling yet healthy and calorie-conscious breakfast. Try onions, peppers, and spinach to enjoy a variety of flavors.

Choose Whole Wheat Bread Over White

Always go for whole wheat bread instead of white bread, or better yet consume sprouted bread. Make a point of eating bread less in general to consume fewer calories–make it a special indulgence instead of an everyday thing.

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