If you recently began taking Phentermine 37.5mg and are looking ways to consume less calories, know that you do not want to start a restrictive diet. There are many easy ways to cut 100 calories from every snack and meal so you consume less and help yourself lose weight.

Eat Open-Faced Sandwiches

Forget the top piece of bread from each sandwich you prepare to remove 100 calories from your meal. Use it as an excuse to add healthier items that take a long time for the body digest so you feel fuller for longer, such as more vegetables.

Use Smaller Dishes

Eliminate up to 100 calories from your next meal by using a smaller plate. You will automatically eat smaller portions to assist with your weight loss.

Save Half Of Your Bagel

Save half of your bagel for tomorrow’s breakfast and use vegan cream cheese. Wrapping up half of your meal is always a good way to eat less calories.

Opt For Non-Fat Milk & Yogurt

Drink 1%, 2%, or skim milk rather than the full fat versions. If you are looking for a healthy way to stop consuming cow’s milk altogether, consider rice or almond milk. Also consume nonfat Greek yogurt instead of the full fat option to lower your caloric intake at breakfast.

Use Cinnamon In Coffee

Sprinkle cinnamon instead of syrup in your coffee to cut calories and give your metabolism a jump start to the day. Use cinnamon as topping on food as well, such as cinnamon on oatmeal instead of white sugar.

Swap Pasta Noodles For Veggie Noodles

Trade pasta noodles for their vegetable counterparts to eat less calories. Use a spiralizer to make nutrient-dense “pasta” out of your favorite veggies for filling, healthy dishes.
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