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5 weight loss tips experts want you to stop following now

Help yourself lose weight successfully by eating right, exercising, taking Phentermine 37.5mg, and avoiding the following “tips.” Health experts eschew these tips as some of the worst diet advice of all time, and encourage those looking to lose weight and otherwise stay healthy to forget about them. Review these tips help your weight loss efforts remain successful.

“You Can Lose Pounds In One Day!”

Stay away from any diet with numbers in the title, such as “The 48-Hour Diet,” “The 10-Day Diet,” etc. These diets promise an end date rather than focusing on being healthy and addressing health issues and concerns that led to weight gain.

“Focus On Calories And That’s All!”

Yes, monitoring your caloric intake is important, but if you lose weight without exercising, you will lose both fat and muscle. You need muscle to burn calories, so make sure you are consuming enough protein and engaging in muscle-strengthening workouts.

“Work Out For An Hour Every Day!”

Working out for an hour every day is not the best way to exercise despite whatever you have heard.

“We find the people who are most successful are those who do 10-minute bouts spread out during the day,” says Osama Hamdy, MD, PhD, medical director of the Obesity Clinical Program at Joslin Clinic and author of The Diabetes Breakthrough.

Break your workout up or simply try to maintain an active lifestyle. Bike, walk, swim, hike…you get the idea.

“Say No To Gluten!”

Unless you have a gluten intolerance, there is really no need to banish the stuff from your diet. Going “gluten-free” often means replacing one carb with another, such as rice for pasta. Eating the same or more carbs is a common issue for people who stop eating gluten.

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