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5 weight loss-conscious tips for pizza lovers

Pizza routinely gets grouped with other weight loss-unfriendly foods, yet there are ways to enjoy the takeout favorite without gaining extra pounds. Learn what the experts want you to know to assist your Phentermine 37.5mg efforts.

Drink Water First

Enjoy a glass of water before a slice of pizza.

“Often, people mistake thirst for hunger and reach for a fork instead of a glass of ice water,” says Pasquale Cozzolino, a pizza restaurateur and native of Naples, Italy. “Have a glass of water before eating; it’ll keep you from overeating pizza.”

Forget the Liquid Calories

Opt for water or unsweetened ice tea over soda, wine, beer, or sweet tea.

“I completely cut out the liquid calories,” says Cozzolino, who used to drink three cans of soda today. “You don’t realize all the calories you’re consuming. When I stopped, I felt the difference.”

Go For Thin Crusts

Stick to thinner crusts since they feature fewer calories. Pizza crust typically consists of refined white flour that is no friend to quick weight loss or overall health.

“It spikes your insulin levels, causing you to crave more,” says Cozzolino. “I use a more nutritious flour called type 1 stone-ground flour and allow my dough to ferment for at least 36 hours.”

Add Veggies & Spices

Make pizza more filling with veggie toppings and spices that bring the heat. Vegetables are high in nutrients and fiber to keep you feeling full, while hot spices increase the body’s calorie-burning abilities. Think black pepper and red chile flakes.

Blot Oil

Always blot the oil on every slice of pizza you eat to remove extra calories. That grease holds no nutritional value and creates a mess besides! Use a brown paper napkin or similar material to remove oil.

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