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5 weight loss coach tips you normally have to pay for

As you begin your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss regimen, you are probably sifting through a wealth of tips and tricks. Help yourself distinguish the good from the not-so-great with these secrets from weight loss coaches:

The Results Are Worth The Wait

Forget “miracles.” Real and lasting weight loss takes time. Expect to see differences anywhere from four to six weeks after you start your journey. The results are well worth it, especially since you have lost more than water weight.

Writing It Out

If you are counting calories as part of your weight loss regimen, keep a food diary. Write down every calorie you consume to avoid making simple mistakes. You might be surprised which foods contain a lot of calories and which don’t.

Family & Friend Support

Telling your family and friends about your goal not only makes it more real, it provides invaluable support. Your loved ones offer the listening ear you need when you feel frustrated or want to celebrate your latest triumph. They remind you why you are doing this and how great you will feel once you reach your goal. So tell everybody!

It Adds Up

That slice of pizza at work, the cheese or dessert freebies at the grocery store, the extra glass of wine at dinner…these “little” indulgences add up fast. Pick and choose what you really and truly want to taste, and leave the rest. Think about how hungry you are and if the answer is “not very,” there is no reason to consume the calories.

Breakfast Foods

Enjoying a big breakfast that keeps you burning calories all day is another key. Too many people make dinner their biggest meal, resulting in weight gain. Since dinner is not usually followed by exercise, eat the majority of your food during the day.
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