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5 ways your refrigerator can help you lose weight

Help your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen by filling your refrigerator with healthy, filling fare. Use these tips to ensure the major appliance is working with your towards a slimmer waistline.

Load Up On Vegetables

Stock your fridge with veggies to enjoy nutritious, fiber-rich, whole foods whenever you want them….and remember to think green. Bok choy, arugula, and kale are among the many green, leafy vegetables that help burn belly fat.

Buy pre-washed to save time, or wash and pack immediately after returning from the store or farmer’s market,” says Anne Mathews, PhD, RDN, assistant professor in the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.

Take Inventory Of What You Have

Throw out anything that’s outdated or smells strange to make more room in the appliance.

A cluttered fridge can be overwhelming and an impediment to seeing and pulling out healthy foods. Arrange your fridge as it is intended and then consider what’s inside,” notes Matthews.

Use Mason Jars

Work with mason jars to ensure portion control.

Small Mason jars are the perfect size for snacks and larger Mason jars are perfect for your salads,” says Ally Bowen, a holistic nutritionist and clinical psychotherapist. “Keep them all lined up in the fridge and ready to go. Now you have the perfect fridge set up.”

Create Ready-To-Eat Meals Yourself

Don’t pay for those overpriced, prepackaged, preservative-filled boxes at the supermarket when you can prep your own and reuse your bento boxes,” Bowen says. “You can’t eat too much broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers or tomatoes on a healthy weight-loss journey, so load up that bento box full of veggies.”

Make It A Rainbow

Make your fridge a rainbow of color!

If you prefer carrots, sliced peppers, and hummus, then enjoy this colorful, crunchy bowl of yumminess,” says Bowen. “Pick what you enjoy; you will grab it first because you can’t wait to munch.”
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